Curious on how you can use Sharepoint, InfoPath, and BizTalk 2004 together? This hands on lab will take you through a simple integration scenario step-by-step using Sharepoint and InfoPath to display delivery exceptions using Delivery Notification inside an Orchestration using BizTalk 2004.

This lab will take around 60 minutes to complete and is based on Microsoft’s hands-on-labs. Sharepoint (or Windows Sharepoint Services) and the Sharepoint Adapter for BizTalk 2004 (available on GotDotNet) are required.

Download: Sharepoint-InfoPath Hands On Lab

Setup is simple. Unzip the download to your c:\ drive. Make sure the root folder named “Microsoft Hands-On-Labs” is located at c:\. The lab manual is located under \ILL019_InfoPath. The exercises are located in the \Source\Exercises folder. The full solution is located in the \Source\Solution folder.

Although newbie’s to BizTalk can complete this lab, it covers advanced topics. If you are new to BizTalk, do not get discouraged if you find this lab difficult.