Find yourself running the Rules Engine Deployment Wizard over and over again to export and import policies and vocabularies? Looking for a simple push button approach to move a full configuration from one server to another? My simple Rules Engine Deployment Tool will help with these common tasks.

This tool will do the following:

  • Export all your policies and vocabularies

  • Export your most recent policies with dependant vocabularies

  • Export policies based on a configuration file with dependant vocabularies

  • Import all policies and vocabularies in the Import folder

  • Import polices and vocabularies based on a configuration file

Download: BizTalk Rules Engine Deployment Tool

How to use this tool:

Simply extract to your C drive, build, and run it. Vocabularies that reference other vocabularies are not really supported. That is, you will have to name the files so that the most referenced vocabulary is imported first or use a configuration file. Also note that the process is not transactional. So, if something fails the import will stop in the middle. I have included some sample policies, vocabularies, and a configuration file so you can see how to use them.

The main purpose of this tool is to move one full set of rules from one server to another server although using the configuration file you can do just about anything you like.

I have not tested this with BizTalk 2006, but I would guess it would work.