I have known Steef-Jan Wiggers for many years now. He is a fellow BizTalk Server MVP and one of the sharpest BizTalk guys I know. So of course I was excited when I found out he was working on a solo BizTalk book.

His book is a cookbook-style book named BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook by Packt Publishing. I like this style of book because it contains smaller units of examples related to a specific area or to solve a specific problem.

This book covers areas like setup, patterns, error handling, AppFabric connect, administration, and testing. They are all easy to follow and it contains great illustrated examples.

This book is available on Amazon (currently with an awesome Kindle price of under $26) and online at Packt.com.

Packt is currently running some great specials at the Packt Microsoft Carnival.

While combing through some blogs today, I found two recent blog posts related to the book I co-authored, Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform. One was by Buck Woody and the other by Mark Brimble. It is great to see great comments on our book almost 2 years after it was published. With Packt’s Microsoft Sale, now is a great time to pick up our book along with the BizTalk Cookbook.

Here is a little known fact – I did not write any of the BizTalk content for our book – I did all of the AppFabric, Service Bus, and SharePoint sections! Um, you all probably already knew that from the poor grammar and I am sure some spelling errors.

Here is your chance to win a copy of Steef’s new book. As runner-up prizes, I have copies of Dan Rosanova’s BizTalk 2010 Patterns and Pro BAM in BizTalk 2009. This will be a Facebook & Twitter only contest that will start next week.

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