I have posted online all the sample code from my book, “Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform”.  You can download it at https://www.stephenwthomas.com/media/p/30260.aspx.  This code contains various samples using BizTalk, BizTalk ESB Toolkit, Server AppFabric, SharePoint 2010, .Net 4.0 Workflow, SQL, Stream Insight, Azure, SQL Azure, Platform AppFabric Service Bus, Server AppFabric Caching, and more.  Of course, you will get the most benefit of this code using it alongside with the chapter of the book that walks through it. 

The book is available now on Amazon.com and PacktPub.com. 

Thanks to our friends in Sweden we now have a Commercial for our book!  I have not seen many commercials for Technology books, but this video gives some context of the “why” behind our book.  You get to hear from Richard, Ewan, and myself about why we wrote the book and why we picked to release the book at the European BizTalk Conference in Stockholm, Sweden to a room full of top notch, hard-core BizTalk people.

This video is available at https://www.stephenwthomas.com/media/p/30247.aspx and on YouTube. 


If you are looking for more detailed information on the types of solutions covered in the book, I have put together a video walking through Chapter 10 – Repair and Resubmit with Human Workflow.  This solution uses SharePoint 2010 to store customer information.  This information is processed by a .Net 3.5 workflow that sends the data to a Server AppFabric hosted .Net 4.0 workflow service for processing. 

This video is available at https://www.stephenwthomas.com/media/p/30249.aspx and on YouTube.