Today I was working on some content for Tech Ed when I found a major error in a sample I posted about 4 months ago.

The error caused the CR-LF’s between records to be included in the positional character count during debatching and actually into the messages themselves. This through off the file layout but did not give any errors. In fact, the expected result of three files were received. They just did not have the right data in them.

I have seen similar problems in the past were the Flat File Disassembler does not behave in any way as I would expect.

Below is before and after screen shots of the schema.

Before: After:

The error is easily fixed by added an additional node into the schema that is Delimited, Post Fixed with CR-LF as the Hexadecimal delimiter. This fix was required in both the Header and SingleRecord schemas.

The updated sample is available for download.

Download: Flat File Disassembler Sample
Watchthe video: Flat File Disassemblier Output Options Video