In early September 2010, I got the honor to present three sessions on AppFabric and Workflow 4.0 to the BizTalk Users Group in Sweden at the European BizTalk Conference. While my sessions were not related to BizTalk, they are designed to show how easy it is for someone with BizTalk skills to learn AppFabric and Workflow 4. 

I have posted the session slide decks and sample code (including the code generated from my 100% LIVE demo). 

I did three sessions:

  • Server AppFabric and Workflow 4.0 Overview – This includes some slides on AppFabric strengths and weakness compared to BizTalk and shows how simple it is to set up Correlation in Workflow 4.


  • Server AppFabric with Human Workflow – This uses SharePoint 2010 and Workflow 3.5 with AppFabric and .Net 4 Workflow (Chapter 10 from my book) to allow data to be corrected and resubmitted to the same workflow process.


  • Platform AppFabric with Remote Message Broadcasting – This talks about using Azure Platform AppFabric to broadcast messages through the Service Bus to destinations on numerous networks (Chapter 11 from my book).

The video recording of the sessions should be available soon and I’ll post the links once I have them.