With the release of BizTalk Server 2013 on Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) we have a new way to license BizTalk Server.  We can now license BizTalk Standard and Enterprise on a pay per hour basis.  This opens up a wide range of opportunities for dealing with short lived and bursting scenarios.

What does I bill using these pay per hour features look like?  See below. 

I used 3 hours of both a Standard and Enterprise edition of BizTalk Server. 

Using the pay per hour model is currently only supported using the pre-built images.  So if you wanted to have pay per hour Virtual Machines already connected to a BizTalk Group, you could create a new Virtual Machine using the pay-per-hour image and then join it to your group.  Once joined, Delete the Virtual Machine.  If you need that Virtual Machine back again, just create the Virtual Machine using that Disk.  This way you are up and running in about 3 minutes and only changed for the storage space until you need the extra processing ability.

Is anyone using BizTalk in IaaS now in a pay-per-hour basis?