The Biztalk Subscription viewer is an essential tool for analyzing and correcting subscription errors in Biztalk.

In Biztalk 2004, the subscription viewer was provided in the SDK.

In Biztalk 2006 Beta, the ability to view subscriptions has moved to the Biztalk Administration Console. But, finding it can be tricky for someone new to Biztalk 2006.

To view subscriptions in Biztalk 2006:
1. Open the Biztalk Administration Console
2. Click on the Biztalk Group your application is located in (you probably just have one group)
3. Click on the New Query tab
4. Select Field Name: Search For, Operator: Equals, Value: Subscriptions
5. Click Run Query

It will look like this:
Biztalk 2006 Subscription Viewer

It is that easy!