A few days ago Microsoft released a Load Generation tool to help simulate load for testing Biztalk 2004 solutions. You can download this testing tool here.

It seems that the installation package defaults the installation path for the testing tool to something other then your C drive. In one case, my installation went to my E:\ drive and in the other two cases it went to my D:\ drive. Just make sure during the installation you note (or change if you want to) the installation location.

Also, it appears that if you do not have MSMQ installed you will get an error saying MSMQTransmitter.dll did not register. I said Ignore and it seemed to install correctly. I tried this on the computer with MSMQ and did not have this problem.

I have not done anything more then install the program and briefly look at the documentation. It seems quite powerful, but Larry Beck’s tool is much simpler and I didn’t have any problems installing it.

Thanks to Bryan Corazza for the release information.