I am excited to be attending and presenting at the 2015 London BizTalk Summit on April 12th and 13th.

Last year I talked about Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and walked through creating BizTalk environments on the fly using PowerShell.  This year I am going back to the basics of core integration and talking about my 14 years of integration experience.  I have been focused on integration with BizTalk Server since Tuesday February 27th, 2001.  How do I remember that exact date?  Simple – I was up in Seattle and just started a new project.  The day after the project started Seattle had a 6.8 Earthquake! 

My session details are below.

Title: Top 14 Integration Challenges I’ve seen in the Past 14 Years

Abstract: I’ve been working with BizTalk Server and Integration using Microsoft products since Tuesday February 27th, 2001. Since then I have worked on over 21 different client projects all over the world. Clients range in size from small companies to large Fortune 500 powerhouses. This session will take a look at the top 14 client challenges I have run into in the past 14 years of working in the field and how to address them.

If you have not registered yet, tomorrow is the last day to receive a discount on the registration price. 

Register now: http://www.biztalk360.com/Events/BizTalk-Summit-2015-London/

Hope to see you in London in two weeks!