To keep on the Commerce Server Adapter line of blog posts here is another minor pain point I ran into.

I was setting up the Commerce Server Catalog Send Adapter on a multi-server BizTalk Environment. I opened up BizTalk Admin and configured the Send Port.

I went to run the solution and I received the following error:

“Failed to create Catalog Context in ‘Commerce Server Catalog Send Adapter’. Message:”

Turns out that the Send Host for the Catalog Adapter was running on another Server so the registry subkey was missing. Oh, and since this was also a 64-bit Host the keys were written in the wrong place – same as the Orders Adapter.

To fix this, all I had to do was open the Send Port on the other Server and click OK. This created the registry key. Then, I simply had to move it into the correct location.

Here are some general How To’s I’ve put together when working (mostly when configuring) with the Commerce Server Adapters:

1. Always create Send and Receive Ports on the Servers you intend to run them on. (Not sure what happens when you import an MSI – will get to that soon)

2. Do not expect any of the Adapters to work in a BizTalk Group scenario. In fact, disastrous results may occur if ran in Group Scenarios. (Hope to test clustering the service soon).

FACT: Catalog and Orders do not operate in Group Scenario. See the help guide for more info.

3. Expect manual configuration if working with 64-bit hosts.

4. Make sure you read the Commerce Server 2007 help guide including “Performance Considerations for the BizTalk Adapters” and “Concurrency Issues with the BizTalk Adapters” and “Troubleshooting the BizTalk Adapters” sections.

5. Remember how easy it is to set up and work with the Adapters! :). All in all, they provide us a lot of great benefits!

More to come as I continue to work with the Adapters.