My new course titled “BizTalk Server administration with BizTalk360” is now live on Pluralsight!

BizTalk Server Administration with BizTalk360

BizTalk Server Administration with BizTalk360

Here is the Introduction to the course:

“BizTalk Server is a complex enterprise integration server that typically requires daily administration. This course will teach you how to use BizTalk360 to streamline your administration tasks and provide valuable insight into daily operations.”

This course is packed full of over 3 hours of content covering 11 modules.

Here is the module list:

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to BizTalk360
  • Installing and Configuring BizTalk360
  • Operational Dashboards
  • Security & Governance
  • Monitoring and Notifications
  • Day-to-day Operational Activities
  • Day-to-day Infrastructure Activities
  • Insight into BizTalk Through BizTalk360
  • Working with Rules, ESB, and EDIs
  • BizTalk360 for Managed Services

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Enjoy and I welcome any feedback.