While my main passion in life is Integration with Microsoft Technologies, a close second is traveling.  With traveling comes my “addiction” to earning airline miles, hotel points, and chasing status!

The way I see it is by using miles and points we can travel cheaper or even for free! 

Have you ever wondered if it was really worth it though?  Maybe you think you do not travel enough to benefit from miles and points?  Or do not know the first thing about Loyalty programs?  I cover this and more in my training course with Pluralsight titled “Traveling and Loyalty Programs Best Practices”. 

It is broken down into 5 modules:

    • Traveling Developer Best Practices
    • Air Travel Deep Dive and Airline Best Practices
    • Detailed Airline Loyalty Program Review
    • Ins and Outs of Earning and Using Hotel Points
    • Driving Off with Car Rental Credits

Here are two demo videos outlining the basics of loyalty programs and why having status matters.



If you already have a Pluralsight account you can watch the course now.  If you do not have an account, you can get a free 10 day, 200 minute trial using the banner below.  What is even better – my course is 193 minutes long so anyone can get a free trial and watch the whole course.

Pluralsight Free Trial

Looking forward to hearing feedback, comments, and suggestions!