Here is a 45 minute, step-by-step lab showing how to use the Flat File Disassembler, Delivery Notification, and a Sequential Convoy to map a large flat file document in BizTalk 2004. This lab will break up a large flat file into single messages, map each message, and write the ordered output to an output file.

This lab takes you through it in three Exercises. It is based on Microsoft’s hands-on-labs.

Download: Sequential Message Processing Hands On Lab

Setup is simple. Unzip the download to your c:\ drive and run the included binding file to create the send and receive ports used in the lab. Make sure the root folder named “Microsoft Hands-On-Labs” is located at c:\. The lab manual is located under \ILL010_Convoys. The exercises are located in the \Source\Exercises folder. The full solution is located in the \Source\Solution folder.

Although newbie’s to BizTalk can complete this lab, it covers advanced topics. If you are new to BizTalk, do not get discouraged if you find this lab difficult.