There is a 52 minute video on BizTalk Solution Designer. If you do not have a full 52 minutes to devote to this, you can get a good feel for the tool in the first 15 or 20 minutes.

BizTalk Solution Designer is a visual tool for Biztalk Development. It abstracts the whole process of building port, locations, pipelines, routing, and more into a visual tool.

This new tool is targeted toward the business developer but is will not be available any time soon. It will not be available until after Biztalk 2006 is released.

They showed some of the prototypes that this tool could have looked like. I liked the Saturn design myself…

I really wanted to see the new XSLT visual mapper. I think mapping in an integration solution is under valued (i.e if the map is wrong or does not work the whole solution is worthless). But, they did not cover it.

If they keep making BizTalk development so easy, they are going to put me out of a job.

You can get more details from Scott’s post or go directly to the Solution Designer Video.

Channel 9 also has a Windows Workflow Video available too.