Congratulations to everyone who is going to attend TechEd 2005 in Orlando, FL – since it is now sold out.

I just wanted to point out a few exciting instructor led labs that I will be leading. If you like my blog content, chances are you will like these labs.

These labs will give you a chance to walk through step-by-step the topics listed below. I will also be available to answer questions.

Using InfoPath SP1 and SharePoint 2003 to Design an Effective Tracking System for BizTalk Server 2004

Abstract: Learn how to utilize InfoPath SP1 through SharePoint to display business process exception returned from within a business process. Learn how to build a simple InfoPath form to display exception information, publish this form into SharePoint, use processing instructions to reference this form, and use delivery notification to catch delivery errors.

Using Sequential Message Processing and the Flat File Disassembler to Map a Large Flat File in BizTalk Server 2004

Abstract: In this lab, you will learn to use the native features of the Flat-file disassembler to break up a large inbound flat file into single messages to allow for easy processing inside BizTalk. Without this ability to break up the document, it would be difficult to process documents of this size. In order to maintain the order of the single messages inside the Message Box, the messages will be processed sequentially using a Convoy Messaging Pattern. Each record will be mapped and written in order to an output file. Delivery notification will be used to ensure sequencing and delivery of the single messages.

If you do not make it to my labs, you can always catch me in the cabana room or after these sessions if you have any questions or just want to say “HI”.