Looking back at some of my past blog posts, I realized it has been a long time since my last post.  Wow – over 10 months to be exact.  Let me give a little re-cap of what I have been doing in those 10 months.

  • Went to India twice
  • Went to United Arab Emirates twice
  • Went on a month long trip to Australia and New Zealand
  • Went on a weeklong trip to Thailand
  • Visited London, Spain, Germany, Japan, Hungary, Hong Kong, China, and Greece
  • Launched two major eCommerce Websites and numerous major marketing sites (working on the backend BizTalk pieces of course)
  • Worked countless 80+ hour weeks
  • Completed my first book

Yes you read the list correct!  From the person who brings you grammar and spelling error-filled blog posts, I am pleased to announce I was a co-author of a book along with four others (Richard Seroter, Ewan Fairweather, Rama Ramani, and Mike Sexton).  The book is called “Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform” published by Packt Publishing.

This book covers 13 Enterprise scenarios like Remote Message Broadcasting and Multiple Master Synchronization.  For each scenario we review various Microsoft Technologies that can be used to solve the problem.  We analyze the scenario based on a defined set of business requirements and a decision framework to arrive at one final architecture.  That final architecture is outlined step-by-step and sample code is provided.  The book also contains a brief primer on covered technologies.

This book shows the following technologies in a real-life scenario: Windows Azure Platform, Windows Azure platform AppFabric, Windows Server AppFabric – Caching (Velocity), Windows Server AppFabric – Service & Workflow Management (Dublin), StreamInsight, SQL, BizTalk Server 2010 (including the Service Bus), .Net 4.0 Workflow Services, and more.

We have set up a website dedicated to the book: http://appliedarchitecturepatterns.com/

Be one of the first to get the book by Pre-Ordering the book now at Amazon or directly from Packt. Packt has both a paper copy and eBook available with free shipping to numerous countries. 

Look for more to come on my blog about the book, the chapters I worked on, how to download sample code (although it will not be very useful without the book), and videos of the scenarios I worked on.