I’ve made some updates to the BizTalk Community OPML File. I currently have 88 Active BizTalk Bloggers on the list.

Most of these can be found on our community blog aggregation site.

For anyone wishing to use their own blog reader, the updated OPML can be found here.

I also have a separate list of not-so-active BizTalk Blogger. These people may have moved blogs or changed career – but the existing content is still relevant. That OPML file can be found on the same download page.

As always, if you know any BizTalk blogs not on the list, please let me know.

As a special bonus, check out the OPML download page above to see a sneak peak at the new layout of BizTalkGurus.com! The new look and feel will be going site-wide in the near future. Feel free to post any comment of what you like or don’t like!