I just wanted to thank all the entries into the “What is missing in BizTalk 2010 Contest”.  It was a hard decision for the other judges and I.

Finally, the decision was made.  The winner was Siffnn from the UK.  He received a free hard copy of my book “Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform”.

His entry was the following:

“I Would like to See following features :

1- GUI in admin console to tune BizTalk Message Box Parameters

2- GUI similar to SQL Management studio to gather performance stats report for BizTalk Hosts/SQL Databases.

3-Web Based Fast Admin Console,tool.

4- Debugging Options should be easy

5- Standard Application Logging/Caching framework

6-Messaging Patterns should be available in Visual Studio while creating a BizTalk Project

7-There should be standard templates available to add performance counters in PUB/SUB projects.

8-There should be GUI tools available on BAM Infrastructure.

9-BAM Portal should be modified to display larger volume of data using custom data grids. Currently available reports are not very fast.”

Again, thanks to everyone who entered! 

Have a Happy New Year!