Creating an Untyped Web Service will allow you to easily submit Xml Documents into BizTalkthrough the web service. Make sure you check out my previous post on this topic.

Create the Web Service

1. Run the Web Service Publishing Wizard

2. Select “Publish Schema as A Web Service”

3. Delete “WebService1”

4. Right-Click on BizTalkWebServce, select Add Web Service

5. Right-Click on WebService1, select Add web method, One-Way

6. Right-Click on Request, select Schema Type

7. Select any dll with a schema, select any schema

8. Select next and fill out any other required information

9. Make sure you select Create Receive Port otherwise you’ll have to do this manual

Edit the Web Service

1. Open the newly created web service

2. Edit the web method signature to look like this:

public void WebMethod1(System.Xml.XmlDocument part)

3. Look for the inParms line it should look like this:

Microsoft.BizTalk.WebServices.ServerProxy.ParamInfo[] inParamInfos

4. Change the TypeOf to be System.Xml.XmlDocument

These same steps should work for BizTalk 2004 as well.