I have authored or reviewed the following publications and training courses starting back in 2004 covering technology areas including BizTalk, WCF, Azure, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Messaging, and Azure Integration Services.

Online Training Course: Microsoft Azure Developer: Enterprise Messaging and Eventing – Pluralsight (2/20)

Abstract: Nearly every Enterprise today has the need for some type of messaging and eventing. In this course, Microsoft Azure Developer: Enterprise Messaging and Eventing, you will create Enterprise-grade Messaging and Eventing solutions inside Azure. First, you will learn about the available queuing options inside Azure. Next, you will discover how to make secure, cross-data center connections using Hybrid available. Finally, you will explore how to create and handle events for near real-time notification and analytics. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge required to build Enterprise Messaging and Eventing solutions inside Azure needed to decrease the time to market for new solutions and help drive costs down

Online Training Course: Microsoft Azure Developer: Creating Enterprise Logic Apps – Pluralsight (02/20)

Abstract: With more companies using multiple Platform as a Server (PaaS) solutions in the enterprise, the need for communication between those systems or between those systems and on-premises is increasing. In this course, Microsoft Azure Developer: Creating Enterprise Logic Apps, you will gain foundational knowledge of Azure Logic Apps in order to build and deploy enterprise solutions. First, you will learn the core components that make up the Azure Logic Apps platform. Next, you will discover ways to customize the development experience. Finally, you will explore how to deploy Azure Logic Apps. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Azure Logic Apps needed to build and deploy enterprise solutions.

Online Training Course: Azure Logic Apps: Fundamentals – Pluralsight (4/18)

Abstract: At the core of Azure-based integration and workflow is a thorough knowledge of Logic Apps. In this course, Azure Logic Apps: Fundamentals, you’ll learn how to build mission-critical Logic Apps for the Enterprise. First, you’ll learn the basics of flow control inside a Logic App. Next, you’ll explore core areas of Logic Apps covering batching, in-order delivery, and exceptions. Finally, you’ll discover how to handle scenarios like large messages and high volume. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of Logic Apps that will help you as you move forward working with integration scenarios inside Azure.

Online Training Course: Azure Logic Apps: Getting Started – Pluralsight (11/17)

Abstract: Cloud computing is an ever-changing environment. With the introduction of Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft takes cloud-based integration to the next level. In this course, Azure Logic Apps: Getting Started, you’ll be introduced to the Azure Logic Apps fundamentals to efficiently create your own production-ready Logic App. First, you’ll begin by exploring the need for Logic Apps in the Enterprise. Next, you’ll delve into the basics of building a Logic App. Finally, you’ll discover how to use connectors to build complex workflows. By the end of this course, you’ll have the necessary skills and knowledge to build a production-ready Logic App to add business value.

Online Training Course: BizTalk Server Administration with BizTalk360 Pluralsight (7/17)

Abstract: At the core of every active running BizTalk Server installation is the desire to effectively administer the environment according to industry best practices, and be as hands-off as possible. In this course, BizTalk Server Administration with BizTalk360, you’ll learn the skills needed to be a master at BizTalk Server Administration. First, you’ll explore why it’s important to have a dedicated BizTalk Server Administration in your enterprise. Next, you’ll discover how easy it is to setup and install BizTalk360. Finally, you’ll learn in more detail of how to use BizTalk360 in every aspect of BizTalk Server Administration, from creating alerts to viewing deep analytics. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of using BizTalk360 in your day-to-day administration of BizTalk Server that will help you be more productive. Software required: BizTalk Server 2010 or greater, BizTalk360 8.0 or greater Free Trial.

Online Training Course: Traveling and Loyalty Programs Best Practices Pluralsight (7/15)

Abstract: Whether you travel a few times a year or every week, frequent traveler miles and points can add up fast! Learn the best practices of being an efficient business traveler and how to maximize loyalty programs from a road warrior with 14 years of traveling experience. Even if you do not travel much, earning points and miles can build up over time to save you money and yield huge benefits. Learn simple techniques to boost your balances quickly in some programs and how others offer special incentives for new members. Learn how to never let your airline points expire and learn what not do with your miles. Traveling to India? We have that covered too!

Online Training Course: Intro to BizTalk Server 2013 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Toolkit – Pluralsight (5/14)

Abstract: Ever since the first release of the Enterprise Service Bus guidance for BizTalk 2006 R2, it had been an important yet sometimes misunderstood aspect of many BizTalk Server Solutions. This course will take a look at when to use the EBS and the value it adds to a BizTalk solution. It will take a deeper look at how to set up an ESB solution and how to use the ESB Exception framework

Online Training Course: What’s New in BizTalk Server 2013 – Pluralsight (9/13)

Abstract: In this course, we will take a look at the new features of BizTalk Server 2013. Short on time? Module 1 is a high-level overview of all the new major features including all the new adapters. In just 30 minutes you can be up to speed on BizTalk 2013. In other modules, we dive deeper into the new adapters, BizTalk360 and Windows Azure infrastructure as a service. The new adapters include REST, Windows Azure Service Bus adapter with support for queues, topics, and relays, and SharePoint 2013.

Book Technical Reviewer – BizTalk 2010 Line of Business Systems – Packt (7/11)

Abstract: This book focuses on Microsoft BizTalk 2010; however, most of the concepts and explanations will apply to BizTalk 2006 R2 and BizTalk 2009. If you are an experienced BizTalk developer who wants to integrate BizTalk with Line of Business systems using practical scenarios, then this book is for you. A solid understanding of BizTalk at an intermediate level is required. This book assumes developers are comfortable creating schemas, maps, orchestrations, ports, and messages in Visual Studio and configuring applications in the BizTalk Administration Console. However, experience in integrating with Line of Business systems is not necessarily required.

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Book Author – Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform – Packt (9/10)

Abstract: An in-depth scenario-driven approach to architecting systems using Microsoft technologies. The book consists of a set of business scenarios and corresponding solution critiques. Each “use case” chapter is made up of a problem description, assessment of implementation options, and the selection of the ideal solution candidate. We then construct the solution using the chosen Microsoft technology. This book is for architects, developers, and managers who need to improve their knowledge of the Microsoft application platform. This book will appeal to anyone who wants to get up to speed on selecting the most appropriate platform for a particular problem. Consultants and executive leadership will also find significant value in this book. A good understanding of the general Windows platform and development technologies would be helpful.

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Book Technical Reviewer – BizTalk 2006 Recipes – APress (11/06)

Abstract: BizTalk 2006 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach is based on the experiences of many of the most prominent experts in the field. It features over 170 problem-solving recipes for BizTalk developers and administrators.

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White Paper Author – Microsoft White Paper: Convoy Deep Dive and Sample Walkthrough (4/05)

Abstract: This paper discusses examples of business scenarios that require convoy message processing. After establishing a business need through the scenarios, this paper explains basic convoy theory and the different types of convoy messaging patterns. This paper discusses a solution to each business scenario and reviews each included sample.

White Paper Author – Debatching Options and Performance Considerations in BizTalk 2004 (12/04)

Abstract: In some business scenarios you may be required to receive a batch file that must be broken up and processed as single messages by BizTalk Server 2004. This could allow for individual record level processing, selective content based routing, or single message mapping. This basic white paper walks through 4 different types of debatching options using BizTalk Server 2004. It also covers basic performance numbers for each debatching type.