Current Status: For Hire! Stephen W Thomas BizTalk and Azure Integration Consultant

My name is Stephen W. Thomas and I am an Independent Consultant specializing in Microsoft Integration Technologies, specifically Microsoft Azure and Microsoft BizTalk Server, including Hybrid solutions spanning on-prem and the cloud.

If you need Enterprise Integration assistance, have questions, or already have a Microsoft Azure Integration or BizTalk based project in the works, reach out to me!  Let me help ensure the project is a success.

Currently, I live in Austin, Texas but travel all over the world as needed by my clients!

My start in technology started in 1998 when I started and ran an online e-commerce business.  Today, I have a strong focus on Microsoft Technologies, specifically integration using BizTalk Server and Windows Azure.  I have been using BizTalk Server since 2001 and Azure since 2012.

My project-based experience includes working with BizTalk 2000 through 2020, Azure Logic Apps,  Azure Service Bus, API Apps, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

I have experience with EDI, HIPAA (4010 and 5010), and HL7 transaction specifications plus worked with numerous custom flat file and XML specs.

I have worked in the insurance, automotive, online retail, fashion, healthcare, services, and financial industries.  With a strong focus on healthcare!

My experience includes:

  • Hybrid Microsoft Integration Solutions between Cloud and On-Prem
  • Architecting large scale, mission-critical on-premises and cloud solutions using BizTalk Server, Logic Apps, and other Azure Technologies
  • Windows Azure Logic Apps, API Apps, Service Bus, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Optimizing performance at both the code and server level for BizTalk Server
  • Setting up continuous integration and nightly builds for BizTalk Server
  • Developing Orchestrations, Schema, Pipelines, and Maps
  • Working with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Setting up BizTalk-based Business Rules
  • Working with BizTalk ESB Toolkit and creating custom components
  • Teaching BizTalk Administration and troubleshooting
  • Teaching on Azure IaaS and Windows Logic Apps
  • Mentoring and training client team members
  • Conference presentations

The types of projects I typically work on generally fit into two types.  The first type is large scale, mission-critical projects that have a smaller, yet essential, integration component using Microsoft Technologies.  I am typically responsible for all aspects of the integration and usually have a team of resources I am responsible for in terms of technical delivery.  The second type of project I usually work on is a small project with me being the only BizTalk or Azure Integration resource responsible for complete solution delivery and basic knowledge transfer to full-time resources once complete.

Once I join a project, I tend to be one of the last experts to leave because I work well with the client and become knowledgeable with all aspects of a solution, not just the integration pieces.