I need to start off with a note about the Parallel Sequential Convoy sample that I am working on. I am still working on it and it will probably be a few weeks before it is ready to be posted. I have a sample working that does Parallel Sequential processing of a single message type. I am now trying to get that to work with multiple message types in a single Orchestration, although I think this breaks one of the rules of convoys. In any case, please check back later for that sample.

In the mean time, here is a sample working with a Sequential Receive Convoy inside an Orchestration. This takes in an initial message to start the Orchestration. This message will tell the Orchestration how many messages to process before it ends. Rather then this approach, I could have used a time out or a set number of messages to tell the process when to end.

This sample includes a Test Harness Win Form to run the process. For set-up instructions, please see the ReatMe.txt. No executable code is included with the samples; you will need to compile the code yourself.

Download: Get the sample code here.

Key Take Home Points:

– This approach could be prone to zombies

– The Receive Port must be the same for the Start and Worker messages

– The Receive Port must be marked for ordered delivery

What’s coming next?

– A parallel sequential convoy sample

– A zombie maker “feature”

Take Away: Running the sample is kind of fun and working with convoys is cool.